Puzzle Parking System


Use our pros and cons arguments to better understand your needs and to help you choose the right parking system:

  • Ideal for commercial use like public parking, hotels, companies and more

  • Highly suitable for places with low height constraints

  • Each system is individually designed and fit the need of your requested number of cars

  • High speed compared with motor drive system. (4-5 times)

  • Low maintenance cost. Because there will be only one motor in the pump station for lifting

  • Low noise. Because the pump station can be set underground

  • More safety devices like overload protection and cylinder stroke protection

  • Not suitable for more than 8 floors


Our Puzzle Parking Systems has been designed to provide a range of intelligent multi-storey parking solutions that enable independent parking of multiple cars. The selected parking space is moved to the desired position by means of an automatic control system and the parking spaces can be shifted vertically or horizontally. They integrate the latest advancements in stacking and sliding technology, maximizing the number of vehicles that can be accommodated in the available space. Featuring anti-fall mechanisms, hydraulic overload protection and excellent energy efficiency, our Puzzle Parking Systems deliver reliable, practical and cost-effective parking solutions to fulfil all multi-story parking requirements.


0 m2
Traditionally used by 1 car
0 m2
Usage with our system
0 m2
Is what you save!


Product NamePuzzle Parking System
CharacteristicsUp to 8 floors and max. 35 SUVs / Cars for each group
Total Car QuantitySelectable (this example is: 21 SUVs / Cars)
Drive ModeHydraulic
Car Dimensions (LxWxH)5’300 mm × 2’010 mm × 2’050 mm
Car Weight≤ 2’500 kg
Required Ground SpaceDepends the N° of cars (this example is: 89.6 m²)
Total HeightDepends the N° of cars (this example is: 11.82 m)
Total WeightDepends the N° of cars (this example is: 31.5 t)
Max. Retrieving Time60 s
Safety / Quality ApprovalsCE approved, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001


Puzzle Parking System (With the system)Puzzle Parking System (traditional)


Traditionally: 263 m2
With our system: 90 m2
You are saving: 173 m2 (=66%)
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