Use our pros and cons arguments to better understand your needs and to help you choose the right parking system:

  • Most efficient system in terms of high density of car numbers on a small footprint (only 3 car ground space = up to 50 SUV’s!)

  • Cars on this system are well protected and safe

  • Very fast lifting speed that can reach to 120m/min

  • Each system is individually designed and fit the need of your requested number of cars

  • It’s a high tower and depends of the zone there could be a conflict with construction laws


Our simple Tower Parking Systems are fully automated parking solutions with vertical allocation of parking lots and vertical movement of lifts, so it`s ideal to maximize parking in narrows plots. It consists up to 35 parking levels for cars and 25 levels for SUVs with 2 parking spaces on each level, so a total of 70 cars (or 50 SUVs) parking spaces can be achieved on a minimum footprint of 59 m². The greatest advantage of this system is that it can be constructed as attached to an existing building without causing any vibration or noise to the main building. Utilizing vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRC) to lift vehicles to different parking levels and conveyors at each parking floor to transfer vehicles to parking spaces. The average retrieval time is only 60s-120s per vehicle.


0 m2
Traditionally used by 1 car
0 m2
Usage with our system
0 m2
Is what you save!


Product NameTower Parking System
CharacteristicsModel SUV: Up to 25 floors (equal 50 SUVs)
Total Car QuantitySelectable (14 SUVs – 50 SUVs)
Drive Mode16-25 floors: traction & wire rope
7-15 floors: hydraulic & Wire rope
Car Dimensions (LxWxH)5’300 mm × 2’100 mm × 2’050 mm
Car Weight≤ 2’350 kg
Required Ground SpaceMax. 8.2 m x 7.1 m = 58.22 m² (50 SUVs)
Total Height14 SUVs = 18 m | 50 SUVs = 65 m
Total WeightDepending the total of car spaces: 2.2 t per car space
Max. Retrieving TimeDepending the total of car spaces: 110 s
Safety / Quality ApprovalsCE approved, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001


Tower Parking System (With the system)Tower Parking System (traditional)


Traditionally: 400 m2
With our system: 58 m2
You are saving: 342 m2 (=85.4%)
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